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The LEMONCAT website shows off the delicious food available from it’s incredible selection of caterers. It also gives a glimpse into it’s fun and creative company culture. It gives customers the choice of ordering directly online or chatting directly with an event manager. The site is continuously analysed and tweaked through A/B testing to maximise conversions.


The search results are an integral part of the ordering experience and were a challenging design problem. The customer needs to clearly see the caterer. At the same time, the menus are filterable, so the result set needs to be seen to be reduced once a filter has been selected. The LEMONCAT style is heavily influenced by cool menus design. I think this comes through in the menu listing (if you ignore the food photos, never a sign of a high-class menu!).


Customers also have the opportunity to request offers from caterers. One big challenge is to gather as much information as possible about an event, allowing as much configuration as necessary, without overwhelming users with the simplest events. This form has a simple initial state that only gets more sophisticated as the user needs the added complexity.


Caterers also have the option to log in to access their profile and to create and edit menus.


I created an icon set for allergens. They are designed to work perfectly at a small 16 pixel size on all screens. By law, allergens must be labelled on all food in the EU. The icons enable the user to quickly scan a menu.


LEMONCAT is such a fun brand to work with. The mascot, Lemmy, is changed for special occasions and to have fun with marketing campaigns and presentations.